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About NEMA Cable Tie Manufacturers

NEMA member companies comprise the leading global cable tie brands and most experienced cable tie manufacturers in the world. Since the invention of the cable tie in the 1950’s, NEMA manufacturers have kept pace with the latest material and manufacturing technologies to provide a wide range of fastening solutions that address seemingly endless uses for the product. From simple everyday uses to those designed for critical applications, there is a cable tie that will meet your need.


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NEMA Cable Tie Application Guides:

About NEMA

Corrosive Atmospheres

Electrical Conductor & Temperature Ratings

Exposure to High or Low Temperatures

Exposure to Ultra-Violet Light

Air-Handling Spaces (Plenums)

Exposure to Moisture

Flammability & Fire Effects

Cable Ties for Electrical Installations

Mechanical Properties

NEMA – New Cable Tie “Type” Classifications

NEMA – Fixing Device “Type” Classifications