Cold Weather Cable Ties

Air Handling Cable Ties

Miniature 18 lb

Heat Stabilized Cable Ties

ACTCAP Grounding Wire Connectors

ACTCAP High Temperature Wire Connectors

Intermediate 40 lb

Colors - 4" 18 lb Cable Ties

Standard 50 lb

ACTPAC 250 - 1" Mounting Bases

ACTCAP Narrow Wire Connectors

Colors - 5" 40 lb Cable Ties

Colors - 7" 50 lb Cable Ties

ACTCAP Standard Wire Connectors

ACTPAC 250 - Yellow and Red Wire Connectors

Light Heavy Duty 120 lb

Heavy Duty 175 lb

Colors - 8" 40 lb Cable Ties

ACTPAC 300 - 3/4" Mounting Bases

ACTCAP Wing Wire Connectors

Colors - 11" 50 lb Cable Ties

Extra Heavy Duty 250 lb

ACTPAC 300 - Blue Wire Connectors

ACTPAC 400 - Cable Ties

Colors - 14" 50 lb Cable Ties

Barrier Strips

Colors - 14" 120 lb Cable Ties

ACTPAC 401 - Tension Tool

Double Crimp Nylon Butt Connectors

Double Crimp Nylon Female Disconnects

ACTKIT 801 - Cable Ties

Double Crimp Nylon Female Snap Plugs

Double Crimp Nylon Fully Insulated Female Disconnects

Double Crimp Nylon Fully Insulated Male Disconnects

Identification Cable Ties and Plates

Screw Mounts

Double Crimp Nylon Male Disconnects

Double Crimp Nylon Male Snap Plugs

Double Crimp Nylon Ring Terminals

Double Crimp Nylon Spade Terminals

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Heat Shrink Fully Insulated Female Disconnects

Heat Shrink Fully Insulated Male Disconnects

Heat Shrink Ring Terminals

Heat Shrink Spade Terminals

Nylon Fully Insulated Female Disconnects

Nylon Fully Insulated Male Disconnects

Quick Splicers

Vinyl Female Disconnects

Vinyl Female Snap Plugs

Vinyl Male Disconnects

Vinyl Male Snap Plugs

Vinyl Piggyback Disconnects

Vinyl Ring Terminal

Vinyl Spade Terminal