Production Scheduler / Data Analyst

The purpose of the position of Production Scheduler / Data Analyst (hereafter, “PSDA”) is to effectively plan the daily and weekly production of the Company to achieve the established financial performance objectives.  This is a highly visible and impactful position with regards to the Company performance and the PSDA will need to work with all production, production support, sales, and accounting functions to effectively produce the optimal production plans to meet customer needs while achieving the desired financial performance objectives of the Company.

In support of achieving the production operating profit, the PSDA will have responsibilities that entail the management of inventory levels for both, raw materials and components to ensure Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) system dictates are validated and complied with and finished product inventory min-max levels are actively optimized to meet normal customer demands.

The PSDA will perform and report accurate daily assessments of product work-in-progress and finished product quantities for all work-cells and cumulatively as a whole.  Completion and reporting of product counts by a given time every day are necessary to enable informed and accurate demand/supply customer allocation decisions on a daily and weekly basis.

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