• On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, works with both, the Financial Controller (or designate) and the V.P. of Manufacturing, to ensure financial and operational performance objectives are defined and understood to provide the basis for all production planning, purchasing and control activities.
  • Chairs semi-daily and weekly production meetings to address all aspects of planning and production performance, ensuring all supervisors and management are aware of the detailed plans and the applicable financial objectives directly associated with those plans.
  • Works with the Sales function in constantly balancing the needs of the Company’s customers with the essential need to maintain profitability from the Company’s production operations. This involves using pre-defined processes and calculations of profitability, where the timing of such production of non-profitable orders is directed by the PSB, though within the authority of the V.P. of Manufacturing (not whether the Company produces the part at all).
  • Establishes the operations framework for providing up-to-date guidelines and guidance to the Sales team members regarding the terms and conditions possible for production and delivery commitments to customers.
  • Monitors all production and provides management status reports and performance data. 
  • Works in supporting completion of both, due diligence for causes for performance shortfalls and provides leadership in working with all functions in deriving, the impact mitigation action plans, recovery plans, or future non-performance avoidance plans.
  • Maintain production information and/or records as required.
  • Maintain a daily inventory status count and reporting of production performance.
  • Reviews the base information within the MRP system to ensure the MRP system is not making recommendations based on out-of-date or inaccurate data (or data points).
  • Assembles the necessary multi-functional work teams within the Company to make performance improvement adjustments to the MRP system information base and/or user defined computational formulas. This includes, materials lead times, materials and/or component inventory exposure levels, sub-component sourcing strategies to reduce component or sub-assembly exposure levels, etc.
  • Measure and provide variance reporting with regards to inventory min-max levels and recommended adjustments thereof.
  • Works with the Accounting function in coordinating operational activities to optimize all inventory (both finished good and raw materials/components).
  • Purchase the highest quality product at the lowest possible price in the correct qualities.
  • Research and evaluate supplies based on price, quality, selection, service, support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, and supplier’s reputation and history.
  • Build and maintain solid vendor relationships. Meet with vendors, domestic and international.
  • Works with the V.P. of Manufacturing to understand and strive to improve current presumed Economic Build Quantities.
  • Independent of the primary responsibility assigned to the V.P. of Manufacturing, monitor and identify parts that warrant management scrutiny regarding manufacturing profitability.

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